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All PDF Converter

Extracts text from scanned PDF files and converts them to editable documents
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With support for seven common document file formats for the output, All PDF Converter offers you a simple conversion tool that will allow you to turn your PDFs into editable Word, Excel, XML, and TXT files, as well as into EPUB e-books, HTML web pages, and various image file types (namely, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and EMFF). Following a straightforward approach, the app promises lightning-fast conversions of unlimited batches of PDF files.

Actually, the approach is so straightforward that they’ve left no room for output formatting or customization. A philosophy that will surely benefit all those users who either have little experience in converting their PDF files into other formats or need to convert PDF documents that are as simple and straightforward in terms of layout as the program’s working approach. However, those who are dealing with complex PDFs, full of images, tables, columns, text boxes, and the like, will find All PDF Converter a bit lacking in the output formatting side. The truth is that in most cases all you’re allowed to do is choose between a one-to-one full document conversion and a one-page-one-file kind of conversion. Other than that, the options are very limited or non-existent.

Unable to control the page margins, the page size, the headings and the footers, the images, the tables, or any OCR parameters, all you can do is select the PDF files to convert, the desired output format, and click on the “Convert” button. It is no wonder that this no-nonsense approach translates into high conversion speeds, and also into mixed results in terms of quality. Except for PDF to image conversions (which usually render excellent results regardless of the tool you use) and PDF to plain text format conversions (which ignore the layout altogether), getting successful conversions into Word, Excel, HTML, and EPUB will largely depend on the level of complexity of the source PDF document. Converting PDF files into other formats – preserving the original layout and contents more or less intact – has never been easy, but taking the human factor out of the process doesn’t make it any easier.

All PDF Converter comes with an at-first-glance affordable tag price, and it may be so for those who require performing a large number of conversions of extremely simple PDFs in a quick and stress-free way. If you expect to be able to pre-process the source file in any way or to have a say in the look-and-feel of the resulting files you are probably looking for a completely different beast, and when you compare the price tag of this tool with that of full PDF editing and conversion tools it may no look so affordable any more.

Francisco Martínez
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  • PDF to EPUB conversion
  • Page range selection
  • Batch conversion


  • Limited conversion settings
  • Lacks format-specific formatting settings
  • Mixed results
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